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 We at Connect Trojan are always working to gain the trust of the visitor and follower, and we are keen to provide everything that is useful and new.

who are we

A group of 3 people

Site Administrator - Connect Trojan

Obtained BA in commerce

And two of the blogging team, we won't name them

What is the reason for creating the site?

I searched for Arabic sites interested in the field of computers and found that they are very many and almost non-existent, but through careful research, especially in the field of Windows, I found that they are also many, but they are not constantly renewed, and we know that Microsoft updates monthly to copy them from Windows, and the Arab follower is keen to have This update and any newer version of Windows, so it searches in Arabic sites, and most of the results are for previous versions. This is not for the current month, and from here I decided to be a little different. With the latest versions and updates, hence the difference between the Connect Trojan site and other sites operating in the same field.

Do you want to join the work team

If you consider yourself to have the experience to work on the Connect Trojan site, just log in to

( This page )

Follow the instructions to contact us

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